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Apr 15, 2024

Sweet Innovations: How 2 Brands Are Redefining Dental-Friendly Confections

Explore innovative dental health with Dr. John's Healthy Sweets and Zollipops—pioneers in sugar-free, tooth-friendly candies made from natural ingredients that promote oral health without sacrificing flavour. These two brands are absolute stand outs for us as not only do they taste great but they are so much better for your health! 

Mar 18, 2024

The Sweet Inclusivity of Daz and Andy's Healthy Lollies

In my latest blog at Daz & Andy's Healthy Lollies, we explore our commitment to inclusivity and health in the world of treats. Understanding the challenges of dietary restrictions, we've crafted our confectionery to ensure no one misses out, regardless of health conditions, lifestyle choices, or religious beliefs. Our principle, 'So much more than sugar-free,' underscores our effort to provide delights free from artificial additives and suitable for all diets, including gluten-free, vegan, keto, and halal. Learn how we're reshaping the experience of enjoying sweets, ensuring inclusivity. Our community's stories, like a grandmother's joy seeing her grandchildren enjoy our lollies, inspire us. We invite you to join this journey of joy and inclusivity. Share your story for a chance to win a $25 gift card for our healthier sweets. Read our blog to see how we're making sweet moments accessible to everyone, one lolly at a time, and see how you can add to that joy with your story.

Jul 12, 2023

Smart Swaps: Healthy Alternatives to Traditional Lollies

With the rise in health-consciousness, it's encouraging to see the emergence of smart swaps in the confectionery industry. Sugar-free lollies like those offered by Dr. John's Healthy Sweets, provide an excellent alternative to traditional lollies laden with sugar and artificial ingredients. Discover why our range of Dr. John's Healthy Sweets are a stand out. 

Jul 3, 2023

Navigating Dietary Restrictions and Kids Party Treats

Planning a children's party and trying to navigate  dietary restrictions? Daz & Andy's Healthy Lollipops are the answer! Sugar-free, gluten-free, super tasty and tooth-friendly, they make a perfect addition to any kids party. Fill a pinata, personalise party bags, match the theme, or offer them as game prizes for a guilt-free celebration. Check out the range today and enjoy a savings on the large bags.

Jun 29, 2023

Exploring Airplane Pressure and Relief with Sugar-Free Lollipops

Combat airplane ear with sugar-free lollipops like Daz & Andy's Healthy Lollies. Sucking on these lollipops promotes swallowing and jaw movements, helping to equalize pressure in the middle ear. Made with natural plant-based sweeteners, these gluten-free lollipops contain no artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners. With their real fruit flavours, they are a favourite among both kids and adults. Make your air travel more enjoyable and comfortable with Daz & Andy's Healthy Lollies – the perfect solution for soothing airplane ear.

Apr 12, 2023

Why the Fascination with Blue Candy?

Have you ever noticed how kids seem to be extra attracted to candy that's blue? From lollipops and gummy bears, to gumballs and marshmallows, the colour blue seems synonymous with treats. But why is this the case? Is it cultural or marketing-driven - or is there something special about blue candies that make them so appealing? In this blog post, we will take a look at our fascination with blue candy and explore what makes this particular shade of treat such a hit for not just youngsters, but for us all.

Apr 4, 2023

Discover A Sweet and Simple Remedy For Relieving Airplane Ear

If you’re a parent who has flown with children you’ll be all too familiar with the fear that your child is going to cry the entire flight. Yes there may be some disgruntled passengers but it’s the pain your child is in which is of far greater concern. Discover a simple and sweet remedy to help relieve airplane ear.

Feb 13, 2023

Simply, Too Much Sugar!

It’s no secret that the health of Aussies is not heading in the right direction, and as a parent what’s more worrying is the health of our younger generation. It doesn't add up; Australia has an image of healthy outdoorsy people but the rising obesity stats don’t support this for the masses. The stats are alarming, read on to find out more.

Feb 10, 2023

Eating Healthier in a Sugar-Filled World

Once you start looking closer at packaged food ingredients you'll likely be staggered at just how many products have sugar in them. So how can we reduce our sugar intake? I share a few simple steps you can take to reduce your sugar intake and head towards a healthier diet. Why not start making healthier food choices today?

Nov 22, 2022

Reducing The Intrusion of Tooth Decay?

Be sure to brush and floss twice a day and cut down on sugary snacks and drinks. If you do eat sweets, be sure to brush your teeth afterwards. With these simple tips, you can help keep your smile healthy for years to come!

Nov 17, 2022

Need Some Convincing To Switch to Sugar Free Lollies?

If you love lollies, but are trying to make healthier choices for yourself and your family, consider giving sugar free lollies a try. They might be just what you need!

Oct 21, 2022

Decrease Your Sugar Intake to Increase the Sweetness

Along my own personal journey of weeding sugar out of my diet, I’ve recently noticed something. When I have sugar it tastes so much sweeter. Is this an actual thing or am I simply imagining it?...  Here are 5 intriguing things that might happen when you reduce your sugar intake.
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