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The Sweet Inclusivity of Daz and Andy's Healthy Lollies

The Sweet Inclusivity of Daz and Andy's Healthy Lollies

In a world where dietary restrictions and health concerns often dictate choices, finding joy in the simple pleasures of life, like enjoying a sweet treat, can sometimes seem out of reach. At Daz & Andy's Healthy Lollies, we're on a mission to change that narrative. With our guiding principle, "So much more than sugar-free," we strive to offer a confectionery experience that leaves no one behind - hence our mantra 'No one misses out'.

The Importance of Inclusivity in Food
For many, navigating dietary restrictions is a daily challenge. Whether it's due to health conditions like diabetes, lifestyle choices such as veganism, or religious dietary laws like halal, finding food that meets these requirements can be daunting. These challenges can often lead to a feeling of exclusion, especially in social settings where food plays a central role. It's not just about missing out on flavours; it's about missing out on the shared joy and community that food brings. 

Beyond Sugar-Free: Meeting Diverse Dietary Needs
At Daz & Andy's Healthy Lollies, we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy a delicious sweet treat, regardless of their dietary restrictions. That's why we've gone beyond just eliminating sugar from the goodies we offer, but we've meticulously chosen products to ensure they're free from artificial sweeteners, colours, and flavours, as well as gluten, catering to a wide range of dietary needs including keto, halal, and vegan. Importantly our products won't promote tooth decay - non-negotiable especially as we have small children.

This level of inclusivity isn't achieved overnight. It's the result of relentless research, taste-testing, and feedback from our community. Every product is carefully selected to ensure that it meets our high standards for health and taste. The goodies we stock not only need to taste fantastic but also contribute positively to your well-being.

Our Commitment to Health and Enjoyment
Our mission is simple: to ensure that no one has to feel excluded from enjoying a sweet treat. Whether it's a child with food sensitivities, an adult managing diabetes, or someone following a strict dietary regimen for religious or ethical reasons, Daz & Andy's Healthy Lollies are for everyone. Through our products, we've seen firsthand the power of inclusivity. We've heard stories from customers about how our lollies have brought smiles to faces that had long been denied the simple joy of a sweet indulgence. I recall my conversation with a grandmother a few years ago - her words imprinted in my mind "I'm so glad I found you. My grand-kids can now feel 'normal' at their birthday party!". These are the stories I often tap in to when I need a boost. 

The journey of Daz & Andy's Healthy Lollies is more than just providing sugar-free treats; it's about fostering a community where everyone can share in the joy of delicious, guilt-free indulgences. Our slogan, "So much more than sugar-free," is a testament to our broader vision where dietary restrictions don't limit the ability to enjoy life's sweet moments.

Although we often speak to customers who share their stories of how we've helped them or loved ones feel included when it comes to enjoying a sweet treat, we would love to hear so many more! We invite you to share your story and if we publish it on our 'happy customers' page we'll send you a gift card worth $25 to be spent on any of our Healthier Sweets (we'll cover the post). 

HOW TO ENTER: Simply send an email with a pic of you or the person/s enjoying our sugar-free goodies and your story. Doesn't have to be perfectly written or long - genuine is best especially how they make you feel in that moment of enjoying our lollies and a few sentences will suffice. Send your story and pic to 

Can't wait to receive them!  x


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