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Why the Fascination with Blue Candy?

Why the Fascination with Blue Candy?

Lately I’ve been seeing rises in searches for blue candy and it also coincides with the frenzied demand for a certain energy/hydration drink which also happens to be bright blue. Coincidence? Why does blue candy, or lollies as we call them Down Under, seemingly jump out at us from the shelves? Maybe it's the bold and striking colour, maybe it's the unique flavour, or maybe it's something else? Whatever the reason, our no-sugar, gluten-free blue raspberry Zollipops have become a fan favourite.

Maybe it’s due to its visual appeal?

One of the primary reasons why blue candy is so popular is that its bold and vibrant hue is visually appealing. We are drawn to things that are visually stimulating, and blue candy meets that criteria. In fact, studies show that blue is one of our favourite colours. According to psychology studies, the colour blue is associated with calmness, trustworthiness, and reliability. When we see blue candy, these positive associations come to mind, making it an irresistible choice.

Is it due to its perceived unique flavour?

Another reason why blue candy is so popular is that it often has a unique flavour. Blue raspberry, blueberry, and cotton candy are just a few examples of popular blue candy flavours. These flavours are uncommon in nature, making them exotic and intriguing. Moreover, blue candy is often artificially flavoured, which further enhances its uniqueness. On this note we are pleased to say we are the exception to this rule - our blue is from natural colours - you won’t find nasty artificial colours or flavours among our sugar-free lollies. Consumers are always looking for something new and exciting, and blue candy offers that in spades.

Could it be due to nostalgic reasons?

Blue candy isn't just popular now; it has been a fan favourite for decades. Many people associate blue candy with their childhoods, and consuming blue candy can transport them back to a simpler time. Admittedly blue lollies transport me back to blue cotton candy at the local fair, or the blue tangy fruit lollies at the movies - none of which were sugar-free when I was growing up. This nostalgia factor makes blue candy a comforting and familiar treat.

Or is it the eye-catching packaging?

Blue candy packaging is often designed to be eye-catching and visually appealing. Candy manufacturers utilise colourful and fun packaging to appeal to children, but adults are also drawn to it. You'll often find blue candy in brightly coloured packaging with fun designs or characters, making it hard to resist - such is the case with our popular Zollipops Original Assorted Lollipops. 

As you can see there are a variety of reasons that contribute to our fascination with blue candy, lollies, treats - whatever the reason, next time you’re checking out a selection of goodies, preferably our healthier sugar-free lollies, see if blue catches your eye and have a think why?

P.S. My articles are always based on a subject that I’m either passionate about, or curious about and simply want to learn more. My intent is for you to gain at least one insight. Remember I’m not an expert, I’m just a curious parent who is passionate about making informed healthier choices especially for the next generation.
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