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We are Daz & Andy, a typical hard-working couple with three wonderful growing kids...who love lollies. As parents, we try to make sure they eat as healthily as possible but it’s a battle, right? These days the biggest challenge is keeping their sugar consumption in check. But that’s much easier said than done! Sugar is big, big business.

They love lollies. We love lollies. Everybody loves lollies. But our teeth and bodies don’t. Rather than cut them out entirely in some uphill Draconian battle with our kids, we wondered what the sugar-free alternatives might be.

We weren’t keen on the few ranges we found in supermarkets so we went looking further afield for the healthiest lollies out there. Then a chance meeting with our now business partner in New Zealand introduced Andy to the USA-produced Dr John’s range. Our son was only 4 at the time and smiled with delight when Andy offered them to him as a treat. He devoured his first, and second, and third... Andy figured she was onto something.

We brought some into Australia and shared them with friends and their kids for a wider research group. Same delighted outcome for kids and parents alike. The children were unaware the lollipop contained no sugar and mum and dad were happy it was a much healthier product.

But would it work as a business? How could Andy give up her senior marketing role for a lollipop, however healthy it might be. Fast forward to March of 2021 and the decision was made for her when news of redundancy arrived. Leaving a role after 7 years is tough but now Andy could whole-heartedly pursue her passion for healthy lollies.

So here we are, a matter of months into building a business with a true mission, and it's going much better than we had hoped at such an early stage. There is well and truly a healthy and growing appetite for healthier treats. We’re not crusading and still love a sugary snack ourselves. But, we hope to change long-standing habits and make everybody aware there are tasty sweet alternatives to sugar. There is a better way.

We are already on the hunt for new products to add to our 'Healthy Lollies' line up. Dr. John's Healthy Sweets is merely just the beginning. 

Our mission: We're determined to make a positive difference on the Health of Australians - one sugar-free lolly at a time.

We invite you to try our healthy lollies and discover a world of tasty treats for yourself and those you care for.

 Daz & Andy x