Delight your Customers with a Healthy Option

Hey, thanks for stopping by! You’re likely short of time and want to know the basics:

  1. Daz & Andy offers a range of healthy sugar-free lollies for kids and adults alike
  2. The majority include Vitamin C and fibre
  3. They’re extremely well packaged and premium grade lollies made in the USA
  4. We are the exclusive importer in Australia (for Dr. Johns range)
  5. Our wholesale pricing offers you a very healthy margin for resale to the eager public
  6. They were created by dentists tired of seeing kids with tooth cavities
  7. Naturally sweetened with  Xylitol, Erythritol and Stevia
  8. There are no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners
  9. Not only that, the range has options for many niche audiences:
    1. Dairy free
    2. Gluten Free
    3. Nut free
    4. non GMO
    5. High source of fibre
    6. Soy Free
    7. Safe for Diabetics (consult a physician)
    8. Kosher Pareve
  10. They are also extremely eye-catching on the counter 

If you like what you see, you'll love the taste even more, as will your customers. 

Simply call us on 0450684468 or email us at

 P.S. below is the display jar and POS you will receive if required, with your first order FOC. 

Thanks Daz & Andy