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Let Us Help You Navigate Allergen-Free Treat Options

Let Us Help You Navigate Allergen-Free Treat Options

Buy Allergen-Free Diabetic Candy That Contains Nothing Artificial

Are your favourite childhood snacks and sweet treats off-limits because a family member has been diagnosed with a food intolerance? Our delicious diabetic candy and allergen-free lollies will lessen the family’s frustration with the changes you have made to your lifestyle – we have a potential solution when it comes to healthier sweet options.

What Allergens Do You Cater For?

  • NUT-FREE - All Dr. John’s sugar-free products are made in a nut-free facility. Zolli Candy range is made in a plant where other nut based products are made.  If unsure please avoid. 
  • GLUTEN-FREE - All of our sugar free products are gluten-free
  • DAIRY-FREE - All of our lollipops, hard lollies, and gummies are dairy-free. NB: Soft Toffees DO contain dairy - please see ingredients on product pages.
  • SOY-FREE - All Dr. John’s products, Gummy Bears and 99% of the Zolli Candy range are soy-free. The Zolli Candy Tropical Flavoured lollipops do contain Soy. As always please see the ingredients on product pages. 
  • EGG-FREE - All of our products are free of eggs, with the exception of the Dr. John’s Caramel soft toffees, which contain egg albumin.

Why Order Our Allergen-Free Lollies and Lollipops?

We all long for a sweet treat to give us a boost now and then and experienced that yearning upon waking up from forty winks after a big Sunday lunch or working out at the gym.

  • A long road or shopping trip and that mid-afternoon lull at work - when you hit an energy-low - can bring on the craving, and you also want to indulge at a special event when everyone else is enjoying desserts or chocolates. Why should you miss out because your diet excludes certain foods?
  • Our healthy candies allow you to have what you want when you are out and about, and your family can stock up on delicacies everyone can enjoy at home without feeling guilty because you or your child cannot partake.
  • Our Dr John’s Healthy Sweets® sugar-free, natural, plant-based range contains sweeteners such as xylitol, stevia, and erythritol. It includes lollipops and lollies containing vitamins C, are tooth-friendly, low in calories, and made of 100 percent natural ingredients.
  • Our butterscotch, peppermint, chocolate, sour, spearmint, caramel, and fruit flavoured candies are individually wrapped.

We suggest you consult your physician before ordering our diabetic and allergen-free lollies to ensure none of the products contain components you cannot have. Look at our variety of options and the ingredients lists.

NB: The Caramel Toffees contain egg albumin, dairy and soy.  

At this point, you want to know what you can order from us, so we gladly highlight a few premium choices you and your family may enjoy.

  • Our meat-, sugar-, and dairy-free Dr John’s Creamsicle Swirl Lollipops - containing 65 percent of your daily vitamin C requirement and fibre - have a five-star health rating. Manufactured in a nut-free facility, they contain no allergens, artificial sweeteners, colouring, or flavours and are Kosher. These low-calorie sweets include strawberry, blue raspberry, blackberry, peach, and orange.
  • Dr John’s Sugar-Free Butterscotch Lollies are allergen-free offering a delightful taste without the calories. This tooth and diabetic-friendly confectionary contains ten grams of fibre per serving of four lollies and will satisfy everyone.
  • Jealous Sweets makes mouth-watering sugar and gluten-free gummy bears. Choose between the Happy Bears apple and lemon or Love Bears grapefruit and pineapple packs. Get these if you prefer healthy candies made with real fruit juice rather than synthetic flavours.

A five-star rated product does not contain salt, saturated fat, or sugar and ranks according to the amount of energy it provides. You cannot find anything better when looking for candy.

Daz & Andy’s Healthy Lollies

We supply top-quality products to businesses and private clients. You can mark a purchase as a gift, and we will send it directly to you or the recipient.

Contact us to place an order or email us if you have questions.

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