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When It's A Necessity to Avoid Sugar and Artificial Flavouring

When It's A Necessity to Avoid Sugar and Artificial Flavouring

An increasing number of people are taking steps to reduce the high sugar content in their diet. For many of these people it is a choice they have made for a wide variety of reasons. However, for some people, avoiding sugar is a necessity. Josh from Wynnum, Brisbane is one such example. He has two autistic children and because of this, sugar, and artificial flavourings and colours are definitely something to be avoided. 

Josh discovered Daz & Andy's Healthy Lollies range of naturally coloured and sweetened lollies last year, and was delighted that they had found a sweet treat but without the nasty ingredients that are prohibited in their family home - and for good reason. 

Josh comments “I love having a healthy sweet treat option, but the main reason I keep them on hand is for my eldest son who has severe autism,” says Blake “He's non-verbal, low functioning and high needs. Unfortunately, the medication he's on impacts his weight so having a sugarless and tooth friendly alternative is a blessing. A lot of other parents will agree that red food colouring is a no-no, but with a nonverbal severely autistic child it's far worse and very difficult to handle his elevated behaviour when exposed to anything with red food colouring in it. It's given me peace of mind and confidence to give the kids something you know is healthy, and they don't ask for more either as there is no sugar craving or crash that comes with other sweets.”

Josh says Daz & Andy’s range of lollies offer something yummy for the whole family. The kids love the Ultimate Lollipop Bag and the parents rave about the butterscotch candy. “The Ultimate Lollipop bag is a winner because our youngest son is also autistic and can be quite picky, he likes specific colours and flavours which can also change on any given day, whereas our eldest doesn't care, so it's a win-win”.

Whatever your reasons for limiting sugar and artificial ingredients in your diet, either through choice or necessity, the good news is you don’t have to miss out on sweet treats altogether. These all-natural lollies are so much more than sugar-free, and cater to the needs of diabetics and vegans, with options for people seeking kosher or non-GMO, and also soy/gluten/dairy/nut-free.

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